Janku is the largest city in the southern region of Oanda. It is nestled at the base of the Lumi Mountains and within a day of the Idiana Falls. The major industry in Janku revolves around the stone quarries located in the nearby mountains. Consequently, artisans from many races, chiefly Dwarves and Humans, can be found in the city. Although, Janku is prosperous, there is a striking division between the wealthy and the poor in the city. Certain quarters are virtually run by the local criminal establishment and are unsafe to explore without open allegiance to the crime lord.

Haldur Guldsten — Prominent dwarven smith that specializes in armor smiting. His establishment is also acting as a bank for the group.

Elsa — Elsa has high cheek bones and often wears her silver tinted blonde hair back in a loose bun; she is one of the high born of Janku. She also owns the finest clothing store in Janku which gains her wide acceptance in several exclusive circles. Similarly, accessibility of her shop is limited to those who possess a suitable reference. She has been known to stick her nose into business that is not her own.

Nathan — Nathan is an older gentleman with white hair and dulling eyesight in the employ of Lady Amar. What he lacks in youth he more than compensates with experience and honor for which he has been entrusted with the post of steward in Lady Amar’s absence.

Anya — Anya is a rather short Oandan (rumored to be part Dwarf) with a stubborn streak and a good sense for business. She owns and manages the Running Duckling. She has recently entered into a silent partnership with the group with the hope of franchising and producing fine new ale’s.

Nicola — Local Realtor that sold Anna’s house and estate to Lady Amar.

Anders Davner — Anna’s less reputable uncle. He was surly to begin with, but has now been severely disfigured during interrogation. His mean temper and greed have often pushed him to new lows. Recently, in addition to smuggling, he has been keeping “slaves” in holding for Iwan Molnar.


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