• Caide Silverkind

    Caide Silverkind

    An average to tall human, Caide has light blue eyes and black hair which set him apart as Erathan.
  • Illiana Tahi Kiralne

    Illiana Tahi Kiralne

    Queen of Oanda, Illiana is of average height with pale green eyes and dirty blonde hair.
  • Istvan Kiraly

    Istvan Kiraly

    King of Oanda
  • Johanne Thold

    Johanne Thold

    A fairly tall man, Johanne Thold has light blue eyes and light brown hair. He has an air of youth about him which often catches others off-guard.
  • Karl Daleborn

    Karl Daleborn

    Karl is a rugged man with dirty-blonde hair. His eyes are Brown/red, unusual for an Oandan.
  • Katelin Feldes

    Katelin Feldes

    A young lady with hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair.