The Order of Shiro Macht: Legend of the Trees

Ruid Pass-Through

Following their encounter with the winter wolves near the southern boarder of the Winde Forest, the group spent the rest of the night resting-up and healing their wounds. Vera was the last to recover due the severity of her wounds.

Early in the morning, Kaitlyn had a vision(s). The first scene showed a battle between a small group of adventurers and a large red dragon. The adventurers barely survived the encounter and found themselves in a large underground forest of grey/black trees that looked distinctly like the tree found in the ancient Fataua temple. The second scene was of a courtyard that closely resembled the courtyard in the Fataua temple which contained the two trees (Pirozium and the grey/black one). Except, both of the trees appeared dead. Kaitlyn and Vera expressed concern as well as a desire to find both of these places.

In Ruid the group decided to stay the night in an inn that was recommended by Caide. They were greeted by an odd silence from the other tavern guests. Shortly after aquireing lodging for the night, a strange cloaked figure appeared and demanded something from the manager of the inn. After taking the “parcel” from the manager the stranger took about 3 steps before disappearing without a trace.

Within a few minutes the crowd returned to normal and expressed no other odd behavior. At about the time the crowd settled down, an odd man came through the front door and inquired after the previous stranger. He had the appearance of an over-dressed ranger; In contrast to his clothing, his dirty-blonde hair had a tousled appearance as if he had no care for his personal grooming. He spoke in a knowing manner and displayed knowledge of the groups members. In spite of persistent questioning by the group, he remained aloof. All that was really learned is that his name is Janos and he clearly believes the cloaked figure is out of their league.

After stocking-up on supplies, the group retired for the night in their comfortable beds. The following morning revealed another encounter with the strange cloaked figure (this time one of the patrons was accosted by the strange cloaked figure). Before the encounter finished, Janos engaged in a short, but ferocious fight with the cloaked figure which ended when it disappeared.

The group continued traveling toward the pass of Orad in search of Cenwig and his captors. near the mouth of the pass, Shydra, spied a dark figure scrambling up the side of the pass near the southern cliff. She and Thraben investigated and found a “hidden” path that seems to parallel the one that runs through the pass.

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